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  • An easy activity for Core French or emergent readers in French that integrate Oral communication, Reading, Writing, and Rereading! (in line with the neurolinguistic approach)


    This resource includes 8 small descriptions about different students. Subjects include: name, age, favorite color, favorite animal, favorite food, favorite activity. Sentence structures are basic, and based on oral communication. After 4 descriptions, you find a chart where your students will have to write about what they read, they will have to locate different information in the small texts they read. At the end, there is a writing activity where students can write a description about themselves.


    Of course, like all our resources at FSL Fun et Facile, we include 3 pages of teachers notes about how to use this resource, and how to integrate it into a logical sequence that follows the natural way of learning a second language : oral communication first, then reading, writing, and rereading.


    Thank you for supporting us. Don't forget to follow us, we keep adding new resources!


    FSL Fun et Facile

    Reading and Writing Descriptions about yourself

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