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FSL Fun & Facile

Ici, vous avez accès à une variété de matériel pédagogique créé pour les enseignants de Français Langue Seconde. Il s'agit de matériel créé par un prof d'expérience, testé en classe et qui permet de toucher plusieurs aspects de l'apprentissage du français, toujours en mettant l'accent sur la communication oral, la lecture et l'écriture. La plupart des documents comportent une section "How to use this resource and how to get the most out of it" qui vous donne des pistes d'exploitation. Tant qu'à acheter une ressource, aussi bien qu'elle vous soit profitable! Moins cher que sur Teachers pay Teachers qui prend une part  trop importante! 

FSL resources created by an experienced teacher, tested in class, improved with time and with students' feedback and level of engagement. Those resources focus on all strands of FSL : oral communication, reading and writing. For many resources, you also get a section at the end called "How to use this resource and how to get the most out of it" which will allow you to make this resource count and use it in a cross-curricular approach. The resources are intentionally not overloaded with images and colors to avoid distractions. You pay for pedagogical content, not for pictures and colors! Same items as seen on Teachers pay Teachers, just less expansive. I created those resources during my 17 years of experience because I could never find what I wanted, or what I found was too expansive. Here it is, a bunch of resources all under 2$ (except for the bundles).

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