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  • Months of the year and days of the week are keywords that are often used in discussions, so it is important that your students can have a visual support to help them.


    Included: The 12 months of the year, with just enough color to catch the eye.


    Days of the week : Many options offered in this file.


    First option: the days of week written in white bubble letters, standing out from a solid colorful backgound.


    Second option: Days of the week printed in white bubble letters, no colors. Perfect if you like your students to help co-construct the class environment. They will be pleased to help you by coloring the letters and adding a background.


    Third option: Same as above, but with a little label that says "la semaine" for Monday to Friday, and "la fin de semaine" for Saturday and Sunday.


    This is a must-have to offer your students a visual support and, with the option that they can add the colors, they will feel included and they will be proud to help you design the class!


    Thank you for downloading this resource!

    Months and Days Bulletin Board

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