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  • 10 different mandalas with a space in the middle for your students to write their names. Excellent Back-to-School activity to decorate your bulletin board.


    But wait! 


    Imagine starting the school year with one activity and already having a visual art mark, observations for different learning skills (independent work, problem solving, attention to details, self-regulation) and promoting oral communication skills in French!


    This activity makes it possible!


    As we always do with all our resources, we are proud to share some ideas to get the most out of this resource. At the end of the file, you get 2 pages of ideas to make connections with your Visual Art curriculum, Learning Skills/Work Habits, and Oral Communication Skills in French.


    You can then post the final product on the walls in the hallway, your bulletin board, etc. For each model, we included the same mandala in both small and large format, depending on the space you have. Feel free to adjust the size when you print and photocopy!



    Mandalas with student name in middle

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