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  • Content :   109 pages. 35 different pictures featuring random items. For every picture, you have the first page on which   you find 35 little pictures that you will later distribute to the students. Each picture comes with 2 pages that are activities that go with the picture. At the end, you have 3 pages of ideas to make the best use of this resource with your students.


    Purpose :   This resource is built in such a way that it touches the four strands of language : listening, speaking, reading, and writing, in that specific order, because it is basically how second language acquisition happens.   The advantage of this resource is that once your students are used to the structure, they will know what to   expect and they will be more likely to participate. Each lesson has the same format : students have to make a prediction of what the picture of the day is according to the hint you give, then you invite them to make   sentences using the word of the day, then you read sentences that use the word, and finally you have your students write their own sentences using the word of the day.

    Listen-Speak-Read-Write part 1

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